Joann Davis
August 8, 1935 - May 20, 2022
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Joann Davis, 86, Newport News, passed away May 20, 2022, with her son by her side. Joann was born in Elizabethton, Tn., to Elbert and Connie Burrow. Joann is preceeded in death by both of her parents; Roy Davis (husband) and Joyce O’Brien (sister). Joann is survived by her son, Steve; several nieces and nephews…

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Katrina King-Singh left a message on May 29, 2022:
Aunt Joann was a force with which to be reckoned. Some might say that I did not know her very well, but I knew her well enough. I had the opportunity to visit with her, speak with her, and heard so many amazing stories. It could be said of her that she had the fire of life—but I would say that the life in her was not a fire, it was a blaze. She had incredible strength and kindness and she was never afraid to tell you exactly what she thought. She was also human, a fact that we tend to ignore not only in remembrance but also in life. In her humanity there were mistakes and misfortunes all of which she would be the first to admit. If there was one thing to know about Joann, it was that she knew exactly who she was. She gave no excuses—not for herself and not for others. THAT was her power—a power that I hope to one day have. It was that power my husband recognized the first time he met Joann—it’s presence so positively overwhelming and contagious. This power gave her an incredible strength that few possess and made her the woman that we know and love. It is a power that is not easily gained nor is it easy to take away—though many certainly tried. She was unafraid to tell you who she was and what she believed in and she was quick to stand up for others and not belittle or deride. If you talked to her on the phone—the conversation was always short (some would say it was because she didn’t want to be on the phone for long periods of time)—which may be the case; but I also think it’s because Joann knew to get to the point of the conversation: she wanted to tell you she loved you. And she did every single time. I can still hear her Southern Belle drawl—the sound of comfort and sincerity. She didn’t just love her family; she loved her neighbors, her friends, really everyone. Through my work, I have the opportunity to work with individuals who have various forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can be a devastating and daunting disease. I have not experienced it first-hand for long periods of time as the incredible healthcare workers (like my hero of a sister), who battle on behalf of our loved ones, do every day. But in my brief experiences, I have seen light and recognition come out of the darkest depths of confusion. In the end, Joann may not have recognized faces or remembered names, but I have the faith and hope to safely guarantee one thing: SHE KNEW WHO SHE WAS. And if she had the ability to speak through the fog of sedation, I would imagine she would say only one thing to those listening: “Alright darlin’, I love you.” Always right to the point—the most important point. Perhaps my view of Joann is still through the eyes of an adoring child and great niece, but it is my view. I admit fully that writing this is for my own benefit—my way of grieving. But if there’s anything that I do in her honor, it will be to accept myself for exactly who I am and forgive myself of my humanity. As I hope she will forgive me for not being there, for letting work and social engagements overwhelm my life to the point that I neglected family. I hope she will forgive me for my cowardice and fear—fear of being shut out or of causing strife. One thing I know is that her power—this ability to accept and love herself—is the power we should all learn to harness. I believe she would want us to live by her example and try to learn from her mistakes—at least that’s what I would want my loved ones to do. Of course it is so easy to say in writing and in words that tumble onto the page or out of the mouth—but imagine a world in which we all strived to live with an indestructible power of acceptance of ourselves and not only a burning desire to live, but a blazing desire. Sprinkle in kindness, humility, forgiveness, empathy, and most importantly, LOVE (love of ourselves and others), and we would no longer walk in a fog of fear. I know that when I think of Joann, my heart will and does fill with love, joy, and the deepest respect. I will remember the good memories and the bad. I will accept her life and her personality with all of its beauty and faults—because that’s who she was in all of her amazing glory. Which is just as I hope to someday be remembered—as a force to be reckoned with, but also a human being. May we all live to be like Joann and may it always be said—She knew who she was.
Happy King left a message on May 27, 2022:
Joann was a very special person. She always was so supportive of my wife and her siblings and our children. Joann always treated me as family. Even when talking on the phone, she always told me that she loved me. Joann will be greatly missed. Love you Joann, Rest In Peace.
Lorrie Diffee left a message on May 27, 2022:
In memory of Joann Davis, Lorrie Diffee lit a candle
Lorrie Diffee left a message on May 27, 2022:
Joann it will never be the same going to my Sisters house next door to you. I will miss all the shoping and lunches we had together. (Don't forget hte DUKE games). Thank for ALL the memories. Love you for that. You and Roy are together again!!!! Debbie & John miss you so much. Say hi to Mom for us..... Love You Lorrie
Kalliope King left a message on May 27, 2022:
In memory of Joann Davis, Kalliope King lit a candle
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Kalliope King left a message on May 27, 2022:
Words can't express how Aunt Joann effected my life and so many others in our family. She was a second Mother to all of us. She and Roy always said we were their other children! We always looked forward to her and Roy's visits when we younger! We knew there was going to be Candy and School supplies and lots of love. She always had time for each and everyone of us! Joann and Roy's words of encouragement has stayed with me throughout my life. They loved my children as if they were their own Gradchildren. They always were there for them in every milestone of their lives. They were very special to them. God truely Blessed me with a wonderful, feisty, strong and beautiful Aunt who influenced my life in many ways! Love you Joann! Rest in Peace!
Jim Dobbins left a message on May 26, 2022:
Joann has been a strong link in our family and we will miss her sorely. I saw a lot of my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents in Joann. Every time I saw her or listened to her voice it reminded me of a lot of good memories, in which she has helped to make. Joann and Roy have been a family treasure to us. With much Love; Rest in Peace, Aunt Joann
The Stewart Family left a message on May 26, 2022:
Joann & Roy were more than my parent’s neighbors for over 30 years, they were part of our family. Joann always treated my kids as if they were her own grandchildren and made it a point to tell me how much she loved them and how they were her grandkids too (makes me smile to even write those words). She never let a holiday or birthday go without reaching out to them. That relationship was so special to all of us. We are deeply saddened by her loss and will forever be grateful for how much time we were able to spend with her & Roy through the years. We hope Joann & Roy’s nieces & nephews find comfort in knowing how much they were loved.
Shelly left a message on May 24, 2022:
In memory of Joann Davis, Shelly lit a candle
Shelly left a message on May 24, 2022:
Thank you to Steve for bringing me into his family 30ish years ago and giving me a “Virginia” family. Your mom was so protective of me and gave me SO MUCH unconditional love. I loved our almost weekly lunches and the hours we spent sitting in her den just chatting. I miss her feisty spirit, her giving heart, and mostly her unwavering support.
Cremation Society of Virginia left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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